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Precision Airwork boasts a wealth of knowledge built up from over 20 years in the world of Military parachuting. Expertise gained as a member of the famous 'Red Devils Free Fall Team and as the Chief Instructor of the MOD's parachuting centre of excellence, the sole custodian of safety to more than 40,000 parachute descents made annually. This knowledge gives us a unique and intimate understanding of current policy doctrines used by the (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD). We have specialist expertise regarding the conduct and control of military/sport parachuting within the UK MOD adventurous training sphere. Intimate knowledge of current military and adventurous training parachuting practice and policy.

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  • Defence Policy for the delivery of Adventurous Training (AT)
  • Joint Service Adventurous Training (JSAT)
  • UK MOD Joint Service Publication (JSP 419)
  • Challenge Pursuit Activities
  • MOD Parachuting Safety and Risk Management
  • High Risk and/or Remote (HR & R) Expeditions

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  • Expert knowledge of current UK MOD training policy
  • Display Risk Assessment and Management
  • British Parachute Association (BPA) Rules and Regulations

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  • High Altitude High Opening (HAHO)
  • High Altitude Low Opening(HALO)
  • Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)
  • Static Line Parachuting (S/L)

Accidents do happen - As an expert parachute witness, we have the expansive knowledge and experience in the field of military and civilian parachuting beyond that expected of a layman to practically assist the court. We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail when analysing evidence and producing easily digestible, comprehensive reports for the court when dealing with technical cases. "If you have had a parachute related accident or third party claim we would be happy to assist your legal representative with our expert advice"

Our team hold current worldwide industry recognised parachuting qualifications and have extensive hands-on experience of drop zone safety, project management and technical parachuting skills.
Location - Currently based between the Middle East and United Kingdom
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